4 Demons Sagoon will help you fight this Dashain


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You may celebrate Dashain or Dussehra in the form of Durga Puja, or in the form of Navratra or by remembering and marking it as the epic day Lord Ram defeated Ravana according to the Ramayana. No matter how we all celebrate Dashain, the message of this pious day will always be one: the victory of good over demons. And this message applies in all our lives too! The battle that goes inside all of us: our fear, sadness, frustration and a multitude of other overwhelming emotions that embark upon us from time to time. Can we escape from them?

This Dashain with Sagoon, let’s identify, fight & defeat some of these demons that reside within all of us, quite similar to how Lord Ram and Maa Durga did in the sanctimonious legends we’ve been told and retold.


Stress is one of the most understated evils of our times hiding under the veils of office work, relationships and other day to day affairs. If you don’t find a place to release the heap of stress then the repercussions can truly be devastating. To cope with such bouts of stress hiccups Sagoon opens the doors of communication for all. It gives you the power to Share. Share your feelings, any positive or negative events, your happiness and sorrows. Sharing even a small thought on a congenial social network like Sagoon can be a coping mechanism to overcome a demon like stress.


It’s possible to be in a crowded room and feel totally alone. Loneliness is an insidious war that many of us are trying to fight. With the society’s focus being more on the individual, the wrath of loneliness is slowing spreading in our social fabric. And like Lord Ram would burn any rakshasa that posed a threat to his people, Sagoon will not let evil loneliness suck happiness out of you. How? By offering you real chance to connect. Connect with old school and college friends, distant family members and people that matter the most to you. Build a better network of new ideas and opportunities by connecting on Sagoon. Try it and you will soon realize that loneliness is only a feeling, not a fact.

Dark Silence

Yes, we know it can be scary to speak up and voice your opinion. It can sometimes damage our reputations, leave us vulnerable or even make us appear as foolish. But do you know how dangerous refraining from voicing your opinions can be to your mental health? Demon number 3 that you can overcome with Sagoon – Dark Silence! Sagoon provides you with a platform to say what you feel by remaining anonymous. Your Voice will actually reach a wider audience than you may believe. It will reach out to people of different backgrounds and languages in the blink of an eye. Add value to your opinions and put the evil named ‘Dark Silence’ forever to sleep.


Sloth or laziness has become a prominent factor in our culture. The remote control, the automobile, the microwave has sure made life easier but they have also made us lazy at large. Laziness can be an arch-nemesis of our aspirations that stems from denial and ignorance. Will Sagoon let you be ignorant? Absolutely not! It’s a platform that can connect people and save lives, report incidents, share stories and support each other in real-time. It has made information more accessible and given us a greater capacity to change.

Doesn’t this remind you of the goodness that our Gods brought by defeating evil, which the auspicious festival of Dashain commemorates?

Wish you all a happy Dashain. May you always find the strength and will to keep evil away.

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