4 Secrets that Shocked the World

I know there are many secrets that shocked the world, but these four are the ones that I personally think deserve a special mention. Why? Read and find out yourself.

Area 51

Area 51 is a US air force military facility that was established deep in Nevada desert in April 1955 for the development of the Lockheed U-2 strategic reconnaissance aircraft. It remained a theory until August 2013 when declassified documents were published. Before that, US government had always rebuked claims of developing and testing a secret aircraft for spying on the Soviet Union.

Relation between Edwina and Pt. Nehru

It took the world by surprise when it came to know the relationship between Pt. Nehru (India’s first prime minister) and Edwina (wife of India’s last viceroy). However, many claim that this relationship was spiritual and intellectual only. In her book, Pamela Hicks (daughter of Edwina Mountbatten) says “She found in Panditji the companionship and equality of spirit and intellect that she craved. Each helped overcome loneliness in the other.” She also wrote in that book “My father and I would tactfully fall behind when they were deep in conversation. But we did not, at any time, feel excluded.”

Adolf Hitler

The most common fact is Hitler killed himself. But is it true? If the recent declassified FBI files are to be believed, it’s not true. Adolf Hitler faked his death, allegedly because he was one of the most hated men in the world. He was just looking out a way from the war-struck Germany and he succeeded. It is surprising that FBI knew this secret and hid it for such a long time. I am wondering ‘Why?’

Coca Cola Formula

No, no one knows the secret formula that Coca Cola uses. It is said that only a handful of employees know the formula that is kept in a heavily guarded vault. Well, it makes all the sense. After all, no one would want the secret formula that made their product a worldwide hit to go out.

Anyway, have a look into that vault.


Crazy secrets. No? Believe it or not, some secrets can inspire or motivate others to do or not do certain things, which can make their life sorted to a great extent.

Do you have any such secret? Why don’t you share it on Sagoon?

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