5 harmless words women use that are really scary!

Don’t you feel confused and can’t follow what a woman says at times? Or, let me put it this way, how often do you feel women say one thing and mean something else altogether?

Yup, we’ve all been there. After all, as they say, “Men are from Mars and women from Venus.”

So fellas, let’s make your life simpler and help you understand the women in your lives, be it your wife, girlfriend, sister or even BFFs. Infer the hidden meaning and try reading between the lines when you come across these words.

Here are 5 words which you hear often from the women folk.

  1. Fine

    I’m not that fine!

    Trust me, if you hear this word chances are things are not really fine. Just poke your lady (I know what you’re thinking but not that!) and ye shalt find things are so not fine.

  1. Whatever

    Go rot in hell!

    Whatever is English for, “Go to hell.” You stumble upon this when women have lost patience with you and we can’t argue further.

  1. Nothing

    Of course nothing is right

    ‘Nothing’ should be feared and dreaded. If a woman is on a silent mode and on asking her ‘what’s wrong’ and you get to hear ‘Nothing’, then my friend you’ve hit the red button called trouble. Don’t take ‘nothing’ lightly, in fact, this is an open invitation for some serious stuff that has been bothering her since long.

  1. What

    Say what?

    If you are in the middle of a conversation, and your lady says, ‘What?’ Chances are you need to correct the last sentence and rethink what you just said. This ‘what’ is not a question, this is a second chance to change what you just said.

  1. Go ahead

    Dare you do this!

    Tread lightly if you come across this word. ‘Go ahead’ is a dare and not a permission. Procced at your own risk and get ready to face some serious consequences. The path ahead is laid with booby traps. One wrong word and it’s the end of all life as you know it!

I hope that these words might help you to make sense of what we really mean. (You can thank me if you want!) Now, you don’t have to run from post to post trying to understand what your lady means when she throws these words at you.

You have been warned!

Witty Assassin. Content Curator. Mistress of Words.

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