5 super easy ways to plan your day

If I were to ask you to describe your regular day, how would you? Or, let me put it this way — how do you plan your day? Chances are your answer will sound something like this.

After pressing the ‘snooze’ button of my alarm clock a few odd times, I finally wake up like a ninja and realize, ‘Darn, I’m late, again!’ I roll out of bed, rush for a shower, skip my breakfast, leave home in a jiffy and curse myself for not making on time, again! And, every time, I tell myself, I need a plan to better organize make my day . (Encore).

Sounds familiar? Well! Congratulations! If yes, then we all are sailing in the same boat and struggle with planning our day, I am no exception!

Sometimes, I wish I had more than 24-hours at my disposal, so that I could plan my day better. I wonder, how some people manage and organize their day so smoothly and end up being satisfied when they call off their day. If we pause, observe  or even speak with successful people, we can learn a lot on how they plan their day. I spoke with a few and took notes and inspiration from them on how they chalk out their day ahead.

We live in such times, where we are constantly on the go, feeling stressed about things we are unable to do due to lack of planning. But fret not, I’ll try to list out ways as to how to plan your day, make it simplified, easy and more fruitful which will yield results.

These 5 simple steps will help you to run your day better. So read on!

1. Plan your day ahead

Make a schedule for the day

The simplest way to plan your day is to plan it one day ahead. Trust me, it will not take more than 10 minutes. Before going to bed, decide the minor things to do the next day, which otherwise takes a hell lot of time in the morning.

For example, decide what you’ll wear the next day. Or even, think of what you’ll have for breakfast before going to bed. You can even semi-prepare it at night or just grab a fruit and gulp down a glass of milk.

Have you noticed how some successful people like the  US President Barack Obama, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg choose to wear same set of clothes every day? (Not that they have only one suit or one t-shirt) It is because they don’t like wasting time deciding what to wear every day, like all of us do.

If we plan our wardrobe, it saves a lot of time, when the clock is constantly ticking in the morning. Every split second counts.

2. Prioritize your tasks

It is common knowledge when you prioritize tasks, it saves a lot of hassle. We have umpteen number of things to do in a single day. It can vary from making a presentation in office, writing an essay or a report, sending important emails or even personal chores which tops your list. Yikes!

Just breathe and decide in descending order the importance of your tasks. Also, the most important tasks should be handled at the start of your day when you are loaded with energy. When the most important  piece of work will be done, you’ll feel lighter and accomplished.

There will be few things which obviously won’t be completed and it is human! ‘Cause you ain’t superman!

3. Keep a slot for unplanned activity

Plan you day
Keep room for sudden events

Most of us while preparing a schedule keep it so jam-packed and think that everything will go according to the plan. But, no! We have to keep a cushion in between our tasks. What if you get stuck in traffic and you end up wasting an hour? Or your boss calls for an emergency meeting or uninvited guests show up at your place? In these situations, what would you do? Shudder?

Always spare a few minutes for such unaccounted events.

4. Keep a time slot for yourself

It may sound unimportant but keeping at least 30 minutes a day for yourself is the key to unwind; it keeps you moving and focused. This should be your ‘me time’ where you do whatever makes you happy and relaxed.

Every person has their stress busters. Some like to surf the net, listen to music, read, go for a jog or even talk over the phone. Do something which kicks in positive juice into your system.

5. Keep incentives for completing your task

Treating yourself is just as important!

When we sit down to work, distractions will always crop up, delaying deadlines (your phone topping the list). As for me, hunger and food are my all-time distraction. (Always need more food!)

Instead of the distractions ruining your plan, make use of them as a reward. For instance, make a presentation without any intrusion and treat yourself with a cupcake or a steaming hot cup of coffee. Or work continuously for an hour and take a breather of 10 minutes, chat with a friend or even speak over a phone call.

Planning pays

Try these simple tips and try to incorporate these little changes in your routine. If we keep a daily schedule, chances are our stress levels will drop, and over a period of time planning your day will become a habit. I’m sure your productivity will increase in time, like mine, since I have started following these nifty tricks.

So a lot of my friends these days ask me as to how do I sail through a busy day without sounding lost? Simple, I’ve started making schedules, maintain them on Sagoon’s ‘My Day’.

Keeping a list of tasks, like the ‘to-do list’ leaves me with a few extra minutes. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a lazy bum! So with ‘My day’ I can even share my ‘to-do list’ with friends and family. They even help me out with my errands (I love these people.)

At the end of each day I am more aware that:

Planning is key.

Witty Assassin. Content Curator. Mistress of Words.

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