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Sagoon’s motto seems to be quite simple from what I gather. This organization loves what it does best –make connections! It connects every proud employee, every user and every human soul to one another. What it doesn’t like to endorse is even simpler! It hates to function in an auto-pilot mode. And, to break this monotonous way of work, Sagoon hosted a grand interactive meet-up event for a better chance to closely interact with its employees. And even more for Team Sagoon, getting an insight into their founders… and boy were they in for bag of surprises!

The event was held on 9.09.2017 at the rich and hospitable Taj Vivanta Surajkund, Faridabad. Everybody gathered at the venue at dusk looking like a million bucks. Attendees are the most vital ingredient at any event. Here along with the Sagoon employees were members from Global Logic team including – Anoop Malhotra, Bhavesh Kumar, Samta Arora, Gurmeet Singh, Naresh, Gaurav Dubey, Kirti Anand and Priyanka Dhamija. From Gyan Wave we had Kapil Gautam and Vishant and from Madisonpr Drishti, Ankur Dutta and Sonia were present. And, Mr Nilanjan Chaterjee from IIT Delhi. Everyone was warmly greeted by the Co-founder Swati Dayal over an initial round of sumptuous snacks and drinks, setting the mood for the upcoming “Know Your Founder” session.


Excited heads were ushered in and Swati initiated the lively evening by asking “WHY” on stage? Why we had gathered there? Why they’re in the business? Why they’re different? And why every member in the audience should be proud to be sitting there! Then she gave an interesting and emotive introduction of our founder Mr. Govinda Giri – the man from the remote hills of Nepal who dreamt and dared to conquer the world with his “eagle-eye” vision! Mr Giri finally appeared and began by highlighting some tangible facets of his business principles, ideals and cultural philosophies. This gave us a sharp grasp of his corporate identity.


The man continued to share a no-filter, straight-from-the-heart account of his journey from Nepal to the mighty towers at Pentagon USA. But turns out there’s no mountain Mr. Govinda Giri would not like to overcome. It was time for his grand plan to breathe. Then we were given details about how his intuitive search engine Sagoon started in 2009, but soon was hit by financial crisis like all other businesses at the time. But did that stop him to make a comeback? Oh no! Sagoon was later resurrected in 2013 within the Indian soil with a bang! And with that we came to the end of the first part of the event and I’m pretty sure everyone who came out for a quick drink recess felt nothing but inspired.

After nestling back in our seats again, more meetups were lined up with some of the new leading guns here at Sagoon. Three newbies collaborating from different operating industries had inspirational things to say about Sagoon:

Alka Singh, General Council said: “ Sagoon employees can now be more invested in the company and make their stocks as valuable as possible.”


Rishabh Garg, Product Manager said: “My mom asked me why can’t Google and Facebook be developed in India? I said to her, I will.”

Kapil Gupta, Development Manager, said his aim is, “to build a cross-functional & integrated modern product development team where we deliver value by building reliable & supportable products with prime focus on quality”

Mr Govinda Giri once again honored us by giving a sneak peek into the future of Sagoon. The sharp master of dreams impressed the audience by letting them know the projects that are in the pipeline. Everyone felt happy, secure and hopeful to help this man achieve what he has set out to do in the world.

What I realized strongly that evening at Taj Vivanta is that Sagoon as an organization knows that rewarding its employees means finding ways to engage them rather than keeping it cash-oriented. It’s definitely more meaningful than that. We got to witness a hard-working employee being announced the “Prince of the Month”! He was crowned and made to sit in a dignitary chair with audiences cheering for him and hopeful that they would be next.


The event took a different course from there where very few audience members had an idea of what was about to come. Swati comes on stage and asks everyone to get ready for some yummy appraisals and job confirmation time! I’m sure few held their breaths while many felt confident that his/her name is on that esteemed list. And I feel happy to announce that many were delightfully rewarded. The air around was filled with music and the stage was lit with amazing dance steps. While I was sitting there and enjoying the display of revelry, I hear my name being called out. Just like many others, I go up on stage and Swati gives me an Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for being present at the event. Aren’t some days simply better than others, I think to myself.

Everyone at last joined once again for a heartwarming dinner meal laid out perfectly at the buffet counters and the evening filled with more warm conversations and connections that reflected the core value of Sagoon.

And well, I just felt wonderful to witness Sagoon’s grand event, and even more as I am a part of it now!




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