A Year in the Life of Sagoon. Revisiting 2015.

2015 was a fulfilling experience for Sagoon. 2016 is going to raise the bar by a mile!

Sagoon in 2015
The road traveled by Sagoon in 2015

This wintry morning I was startled from sleep. The door opened. Pause. Shuts. Opens again. Jacket rustles. Swift legs enter. My cook walks in with the intent to kill cook!

Lying awake I’m suddenly reminded of such intensity and purpose when I met Govinda Giri and Swati Dayal for the first time a year ago.

After three hours

“Why not?” The words ring out loud before I take the elevator to the office. Why not go back in time and take you along with me!

Here it goes. This is the road travelled by Sagoon, by its team and everybody who managed to hitch a ride on the Sagoon bus!

January — Sagoon inaugurates India office

With virtually no outside help, no assistance, no media support, Govinda took Sagoon to 107,700 registered users in January, and built a team of 10 dynamic individuals.

Sagoon office
Sagoon sets up office in the iconic SB Tower in Noida, India
  • Sagoon sets up first overseas office in Noida, India
  • Hires first batch of developers and designers, forming the core team
  • Hosts the Indian media and friends to announce official launch
  • Gets featured on DD News – The Social Connection as a ‘Make in India’ social network

February — Sagoon launches Social Smart Card and ME Page

Sagoon debuts the one-purpose Social Smart Card and the professional and personal information portfolio ME Page.

  • The Social Smart Card is a digital card solution uniquely designed for users and customized to enhance their online shopping, buying and gifting experience.
  • Social Smart Card will offer a wide selection of options to be used at our certified retail partners. Note: The Smart Card will re-launch in early 2016.
    Me Page and Social Smart Card

Me Page and Social Smart Card
ME Page and Social Smart Card

  • The ME page brings to life your personal and professional outlook. It personalizes all the content, tailor-made to fit the users taste in an exclusive, accessible way.
  • Your ME page is also a professional overview of your achievements and a personal impression of your social life.

April — Help Nepal launched

Sagoon went beyond its call of duty to help Nepal, which suffered a massive earthquake in April, in efforts to restore normalcy to the earthquake-stricken Himalayan country.

  • Sagoon set up an online tool — Help Nepal — to aid the ongoing relief efforts being carried out in the worst affected areas.
  • Help Nepal, a standalone online application, was built to deliver vital information to everyone affected by the earthquake one way or another.
  • The purpose of this tool was to provide whereabouts of users and their family and friends, informing each other of their safety.
  • The tool was also created for the sprawling Nepali community across the globe, and the stranded tourists, unable to reach out to their family and friends.
  • Lastly, Sagoon, along with artists and workers from Nepal, managed to re-build and an entire colony for the locals who lost their houses, loved ones and more.
  • Sagoon inaugurated the Pahadi Basti in August.

November — Sagoon 2.0 (MoodTalk + Secrets + My Day) announced

Sagoon 2.0 was formally launched by Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Sagoon 2.0 takes Sagoon’s mission to create a ground-breaking social platform in Asia by capitalizing on its current success and enabling people to simplify their lives while enjoying openness with colleagues, friends and family.

Sagoon 2.0 - My Day + MoodTalk + Secret
Sagoon 2.0 – My Day + MoodTalk + Secret

The new version brings together:

  • My Day: Offering superior tools to organize users’ daily routines, creating schedules, to-do lists and reminders in a quick, simple fashion.
  • Open Secrets: Providing a free-for-all platform to disclose information that could be useful to anyone or everyone. A place to seek and give advice, and to help those struggling with their personal relationships, work issues or just life in general.
  • MoodTalk: Livening up chats with fun and customizable moods. Chats are not recorded and vanish after a 24-hour period.

Sagoon 2.1 – Mobile Web (Sneak preview)

The mobile web version seamlessly integrates the desktop version features into a clean, user-friendly design, fit for the demands of mobile users.

Sagoon 2.1 — Mobile Web
Sagoon 2.1 comes with a few cosmetic changes but keeps the user experience clean, sleek and simple across desktop and mobile.

Sagoon 2.1 features:

  • Easier, faster secret sharing (Open Secrets and My Secrets)
  • Smooth overall user experience
  • Crazy, fun stickers added to MoodTalk
  • Attach and send files in any format

This is just a taste of things to come in our mobile app which we will launch in 2016.

That, everybody, was an eventful year as any. While you’re at it, go ahead and check out the new Sagoon.

Finally, have a bloody brilliant new year!

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About Sagoon

Sagoon is a social commerce platform that wants to make your everyday life simple, easier to manage, fun and productive. We have 3 new features in our Version 2: My Day, Open Secrets and MoodTalk

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