After our web app, it’s time now for Sagoon Mobile App!

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Let me begin by giving you a quick update of what we’ve been upto lately! With two memorable success runs of Sagoon Version 2 & Sagoon Version 2.1 already tucked inside our kitty, Sagoon decided to take things to a whole new level. There’s a fresh recipe that’s been brewing under our belt since October of 2016.

And, we thought it’s time now to give YOU, our valuable users and dear friends a glimpse of what we have in store for you this festive season. Drum rolls please…. World, get ready for Sagoon’s brand new mobile app for android! Ok hold on, hold on.. we know you have been eagerly awaiting for our mobile app to hit the android market. But, there’s still some time before you’ll have it in your mobile phones to make your experience of Connect, Share and Earn with Sagoon easier, better and more valuable.

So on 16. 09. 2017, we did something amazing. In typical Sagoon style we went live on Facebook and gave a demo of our upcoming mobile app. The Sagoon family – founders, all employees and partners gathered at Sagoon, Townhall for a fun-filled afternoon. The purpose was to give a sneak peek into Sagoon’s mobile app by connecting live with our audience and   all users worldwide on Facebook! And allow me to say that it turned out crazily successful.



Folks present inside Sagoon Townhall and thousands who connected on Facebook from different parts of the world knew exactly what had possessed our team of designers, developers and coders for past several months on Saturday. Swati, our co-founder went live and gave us a quick navigation around the ground-breaking, soon-to-be-released mobile app.

She took us through the responsive & pretty cool sign-up and on-boarding process. Then, next in line was the unveiling of the unique and amazing “ME Page” which we’re confident will be loved by our all our users.


Then we got to see the slick, user-friendly mobile version of our favorite My Day. It’ll now be a toddler’s job to organize your day, keep a tab of schedules, set a time-table or reminder, all on your mobile no matter where you are and what you’re doing. You can manage your entire day by just using your mobile screen and your fingertips. I can’t believe it.. can you?

The immense popularity of Secret feature on Sagoon web app has been thoroughly elating. We know how much you loved sharing, reading and picking up random, unexpected and scandalous little secrets with Open Secret and Private Secret. This time on our mobile version, Secret sharing is going to be more fun, more personalized and more discreet (however you want it to be). Fascinating, right?

For different days, different moods and different android phones, MoodTalk mobile version is on its way to make yours, your friends or your family’s day a delight. Soon you’ll be spreading happiness with others, sharing your friend’s grief or sadness or help one another in anger with Sagoon MoodTalk for mobiles.

After that juicy preview into our upcoming mobile app for all our android users, we’re sure you can’t wait to get your hands laid on Sagoon mobile app. But, we want to give you the best user experience and have to make sure that no bug slips past the radar. And that’s the reason why we had an in-house open discussion and suggestion session right after we went live on Facebook.


The lively debate took place between top testers and some of the brightest minds at Sagoon to identify and tend to all the bugs prior to app’s grand launch. This way YOU our dear users will have an ideal, fun, useful and a life-altering app from the Sagoon family on your mobiles soon!

Watch this space for some more fascinating details before the release and spell out your excitement in the comment section below.


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About Sagoon

Sagoon is a social commerce platform that wants to make your everyday life simple, easier to manage, fun and productive. We have 3 new features in our Version 2: My Day, Open Secrets and MoodTalk

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