Are we forced to see content on social media sites?

It was a normal Sunday evening. I woke up late, ate a lot and didn’t take a bath until the clock showed 3 PM. Now, I had a lazy afternoon ahead but sleep decided to ditch me. Just when boredom started to descend upon me, I came across a very interesting question on Quora – “Are we forced to see content on social media sites?” This is what I wrote:

I think that the answer is YES.

Have you ever wondered why you see the content from pages and accounts you have not even liked and followed? Have you ever felt like you can’t completely control the content you see in your timelines? I know what you have to say. It’s a loud YES. But why does it happen? Well, it’s because of the ‘pay and advertise’ feature offered by social networks. Any business page or account can advertise its content to make it reach the timeline of the audience of any age, gender, location, background, and interest. All they have to do is pay the required sum.

Remember, you can’t block ads from your timeline completely. All you can do is block a specific ad. See, what I found on Facebook and I’m sure all networks follow the same or similar policy:

FB Ad Policy

While I write this, I also want to mention that content from your friends and the pages you like always dominates but with more businesses jumping into the fierce battle of advertising on social media, the ratio of ‘paid content’ is likely to increase.

So, why social networks allow ‘paid content’ to seep in your timeline? Because of REVENUE. The more business pages run ads, the more revenue social media sites receive. In simple words, each of your scrolls (up or down) is nothing but money for social networks. And what do you get in return? Well, I am afraid you have nothing to say here.

Now, imagine a social network that shares its revenue with you. Sounds a bit unrealistic, right? But Sagoon, a social commerce network, is all set to make this happen through its social smart card. The company will share a percentage of its revenue with all the users by ensuring that users get rewarded for all the time they spent here. The concept has triggered a revolution, which going to change the face of social media. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

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