Are we living our life for social media?

Day: Sunday
Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: My home
Mood: Tomorrow was going to be Monday. You can understand my mood

Ting tong. The bell rang. What? Relatives? No! I am not going to spend rest of my Sunday attending relatives. Thankfully, it was my friend, Rahul who wanted to take me to this new café in Hauz Khas. Yeah, I was going to have some Sunday fun finally. The café was neatly decked and the ambiance looked appealing. While I was busy admiring the interiors of café, Rahul was completely engrossed in his phone. My conversation with him went like this:

Me: What are you up to?
Rahul: I am updating my status – checking in with you
Me: What’s the need?
Rahul: Everyone does that.
Me: But why? What’s the reason?
Rahul: People should know we are out and having fun
Me: What? But why?
Rahul: Hey, it’s in trend. Everyone does that.

Did you read that? Trend? Really?

You will find many such Rahuls around you who don’t leave a single chance to post about which movie they are watching, which café they are eating in, which city they are traveling to, etc.

It seems they do things only to post about them on social media. And if this is the case, would it be wrong to say that their lives are controlled by social media? I guess, it won’t be!

The constant urge to share personal and professional stuff on social media leads to enormous wastage of time online. The time which could have been productive is being spent upon seeking validations on our social posts in the form of likes and comments. What purpose does it solve? I don’t know!

The only thing I know is we have started living our life for social media. And it has consequences too, some of which are:

  • Increases the gap between us and real world
  • Creates the atmosphere of ‘jealousy’
  • Causes depression sometimes

I don’t know where we are heading? We loved social media for it reconnected us with our old friends. But it is turning out to be a medium to show off a life we desire to live.

Is this what we want social media for? What do you think?

An ordinary writer with ordinary skill set to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

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