Are you a responsible social media user?

There is no denying the fact that people are smitten by social media today. Getting likes and comments on photos and status updates makes them feel like a celebrity. Besides, there are lively banters, virtual meeting with friends and hell lot of crazy emoticons to enliven the communications. Each social media platform has something unique to offer. While Facebook offers features ranging from status updates and chatting to broadcasting live video, Twitter presents live reaction of people towards the trending topics and Linkedin makes it possible for professionals to stay connected with one another.

There are many positive aspects of social media and people from all walks of life are getting the benefits. Though the concept of social networking was developed with good intentions, many users don’t understand this. They go out of the way to do things which no one should be doing on social media. One of those things is harassing, crucifying other users with words and oftentimes spread posts that don’t even have an iota of truth. Such behavior and posts disturb the social integrity and unity, and creates a chasm between different communities. And the outcome is dangerous, very dangerous.

The ill-effects of irresponsible social media behavior do not appear instantly. It gradually deteriorates the thinking of society and then leads to its downfall. The point that we all should be pondering over is the algorithm of social media networks are not equipped to fight such users and posts. Yes, they claim that they have plans to do something with the posts spreading lies but we don’t know when they will actually come up with something concrete.

Until that time, things are in your hands. Don’t fall prey to everything you read and hear on social media. Validate the source, think twice before sharing and most importantly, learn to ignore hate-spewing content. Be a responsible social media user .

Remember, social media is to spend your leisure time, not for ruining it.

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