Consequences of No One Liked My Status

It was the third time I saw Tanya (my friend) checking her phone in 2 minutes. “Waiting for someone to message?” I asked with a fishy smile. “No, I just uploaded a new status and no one has liked it so far.” she replied with a low tone. A bit shocked, I asked, “No one liked it; is this saddening?” She said, “No, a bit depressing though.”

Well, I am sure it’s not just Tanya who goes through this. You, your neighbor, your colleague, most of the social media users go through this. Why?

I think they feel unimportant when ‘less than expected’ people engage with their posts. As they say, we all seek a little attention.

So, what are the consequences of No one liked my status or ‘I didn’t get enough likes’?

Like in real life, everyone craves for acknowledgment/appreciation in the form of likes and comments, and when you don’t get them, you gradually stop expressing yourself on social media. Yes, you still have friends just a call away to talk your heart out, but there are confessions, experiences, and incidents you want to share with the whole world. Alas that there is no one to hear/read the same virtually. This leads you to stop going on social media, you lose interest in it. But what about those confessions and experiences you are holding inside. They could be of immense use to some.

What’s the solution?

You know there are platforms that have been developed around the same concept. The environment in these platforms promotes users to share their experiences that they think could be very useful for others. Take Sagoon, for example. The best aspect of this network is you get monetary rewards for sharing your experiences, secrets, and confessions. Ever heard of any platform doing that?

Take a ride to Sagoon here and see what this platform is capable of?

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About Sagoon

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