He told me he had to reveal something. His secret left me NUMB

It was Saturday evening and since it was holiday (Sunday) the next day, my best friend and I decided to go for a long drive to a nearby town. We bought some beer bottles, snacks and water, and embarked our journey in my car. Roads were almost empty and there was not much of a noise except the friction between road and tyres. I powered on the stereo and it presented us an evergreen song from 80s. Both my best friend and I love old songs and it surprised me a little when he lowered down the volume. “Everything okay?” I asked in a playful tone. “Yes, everything is fine. It’s just I need to tell you something” he replied. I thought it was regarding his girlfriend; at that time things were not good between him and his girlfriend. But he had something much bigger and more important to reveal.

He said “I was just 11 years old when my uncle first molested me.”

“What?” I kind of shouted in utter shock

He continued “I liked him a lot; he was always telling me interesting stories; always taking me to amusement parks. To me, he was the escape from my boring life. But one day, he took me to his home and started undressing me. I thought it must be a new game he has come up with. But I was wrong. He undressed me completely and did something that I can’t even describe. I was in pain, but I did not know what to do? It continued for days; he made me do different things and I never knew what I was doing? I gradually developed a disliking for him and started ignoring him. My parents had no idea about what was going on as I could never muster the courage to tell them what my uncle was doing.”

I noticed the eyes of my friend. They were brimming with tears. “You know, I will never forget the physical and mental pain I had to go through. How could he do that to me? I trusted him. My whole life changed after that. Though I was a victim, I always felt like a culprit. I always thought that it was my fault. I want to forget it but I can’t.”

My friend was crying like a little kid. I was dumbstruck; I had heard such stories but did not know that my best friend for 14 years endured all of this alone. I politely told him “I am glad that you shared this with me; it’s good to vent out. And since you know that how bad it feels, you can help children by making their parents aware of the monsters that take benefit out of the innocence.” He nodded and said “This is what I have sworn to do. No child should be the victim of these monsters.

By then I had stopped the car and we talked for hours regarding this. He seemed fine and relieved that finally he has let the secret go. That night was soon over. My friend and I had a gala time later in that nearby town. We met new people, tasted different cuisine and marveled at the beautifully spread landscapes.

He also told me a few other secrets but they were happy secrets. We returned to our city early in the morning and proceeded to our respective homes. While we were bidding adieu, he hugged me and said ‘THANK YOU’ for listening. I of course was overwhelmed; I told him that that’s what friends do for each other and you don’t have to thank me.

My After Thoughts About His Secret!

While I was going home, I thought the world would be a better place if we come out from the shell of fear and start sharing our secrets. It not only lightens the burden on your soul, but also builds relationships, gets you help and gives you a chance to express yourself.

Why keep the secret inside when there are so many merits of sharing the same with you friends, public and family? It’s true that sometimes we don’t want to disclose our identity for a number of reasons. In that case, there are many online portals that let you do the same, Sagoon being one of them. Such online portals are also helpful when you have to confess something to someone, but not in person.

I think society needs to embrace the fact that there are secrets in every one. And people should be encouraged to reveal them, especially if they are causing emotional stress.

What do you think? Do let me know?

An ordinary writer with ordinary skill set to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

4 comments: On He told me he had to reveal something. His secret left me NUMB

  • it’s really awesome sir,
    Thank you for bringing Sagoon for
    sharing secrets
    it’s lighten our burden it’s helps to reduce pain and
    expand our happiness
    thank you again.

  • It is good to share

  • Is this some kind of ridiculous comedy or your imagination about yourself?

  • Yes!
    The Story makes everyone think and decide that we MUST protect our Children from any such evil happening in their life…
    Because such Child Abuse leaves a person Scared for life. Lets Do Something to STOP this happening to our Children…
    I would love to do anything in Schools to educate Children of Good & Bad Touch …. Early the Better!

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