How secrets improve your life by sharing with others

“I have a secret to tell!” As soon as you hear the word secret, no matter which mood you are in or how much engrossed you are in your work, you have all the time in the world to spare and you are all ears to hear secrets. Right?

Ready to reveal your secret?

There is nobody on this planet who doesn’t have a secret worth sharing. A secret is a piece of information known to ‘one person’ or ‘a handful of people’ or in rare cases, only ‘YOU’ know your own secret.

Keeping a secret, your own or anybody else’s confidential piece of information, which may affect somebody in any way can act as a burden on your soul.

There are times, when we want to blurt out the covert truth but the only thing that holds us back is the constant fear of being judged. Because it is human nature to judge!

“It is part of the human nature always to judge others very severely and, when the wind turns against us, always to find an excuse for our own misdeeds, or to blame someone else for our mistakes.” Paulo Coelho

What worries us is the fact that the person in whom we confide may use it against us at any given point, as we put ourselves in a vulnerable position.

But, sharing those nagging secretive talks with someone in private, may help us in creating new bonds of trust and anonymous friendships, although for some it is downright cringe worthy.

By sharing secrets with others in private you get to develop an understanding of other’s feelings, relate to situations more effectively and interact knowledgably. In a way, you stop being judgemental, but cultivate a compassionate go-through corridor.

Open Secrets’ section of is just the right place for you if you have to share an untold truth or seek advice. Of course, sharing in private is like a two-way road. You tell yours and you get to know the other person’s juicy gossip. Here at Sagoon, users actually are benefitting each other by advising and sharing their viewpoint on issues.

You can also share your untold truth with your friends and family via ‘My Secrets’ section. The secret  received by your friends will automatically vanish in 60 seconds. Whoof ! Although, you can see it in your ‘sent folder’ and can delete it if you want.

Let go of your untold business

Letting go of one of your own and going through other’s untold business makes you feel a lot less embarrassed and saves you from the guilt-trip. You get to know and read undisclosed truths and after going through the hidden secrets, you feel that yours isn’t a big deal.

So come, share your secrets and feel light, because sharing is caring!

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