Organize. Optimize. Don’t Get Agonized.

It has been eons since humans have been ruling the Earth. While they evolved and built breathtaking monuments, unfolded mysteries of the universe and discovered natural gems, the two things they could not figure out were:

  1. How to organize their day/make their day productive, and
  2. Women, of course

Since the second point requires decades of research and analysis, let’s discuss only the first one and leave the former to be pondered upon by intellectuals of the highest order.

So Why Organize Your Day?

Why should you organize your day?
Why is it 0 to organize the day?

ORGANIZING, this habit, this amazing habit kicks chaos out of your lives. It helps you prioritize the tasks and ensures their timely completion, which saves you lot of time to pursue other interests. Over and above, it reduces stress and takes you closer to your long-term goals every single day.

Ever Wondered Why You Fail to Organize Your Day?

Reasons you fail to organize your day
Ever wondered why you fail to organize the day?

Though your parents and teachers tried their best to instill this habit into you, most of you did not grow very fond of it. However, later in life, some of you started preparing to-do lists upon reaching high-profile jobs. But, honestly, that is not enough.

Simply listing down tasks doesn’t help, unless you prioritize and fix a time to complete them.

I bet you think that this entire process wastes time. No? Well, perhaps, that is the real problem. The process, according to you, wastes time instead of saving it! Maybe, for a start, it will consume more time but at the end of the day you will probably be thanking yourself.

Organizing never fails!

How Do I Start?

Steps to organize your day
Pretty sure it’s confusing where to begin!

It’s simple. And here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a ‘to-do list’,
  • Assign each task a time slot,
  • Set reminders,

But hey, hold your horses. Before you actually start writing down important tasks of the day, let me tell you a real-life situation.

What if you forget to check your to-do list and miss out on completing an important task, or what if you have to share the same to-do list with your friend, colleague or a family member? Do you have any solution to these situations? Nope? No problemo. Even I drew a blank when I thought of the same situation. But then I came across My Day.

It worked pretty well for me and I’m certain it can help you wrap your head around your unorganized day.

I have a few questions for you now: I would really like to know how you manage your day? Do you have a secret formula or anything?! What tips can you give me, and everyone reading this, on how to organize your day in super, simple ways. Let me know in the comment section below.

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