Our team is expanding and so is our office space!

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Business expansion plans are most valuable to any company. They help achieve operational and future goals. Sagoon is in its early stages but our plans for the future of our users and those working for us are gigantic. Every member of this family is working day in and day out to make Sagoon the benchmark of social media revolution.

Our plans in sight?

The entrepreneur in us is an endless challenge seeker. There are several exciting challenges and wider range of products we are planning to offer to a larger geographical market. One of the many is the Social Smart Card – a one-purpose digital card solution for enhanced shopping, buying and gifting experience. As we are at the developmental stage of this revolutionary product that offers everything you need and more, what we need is a bigger office space!

Yes, I am here to give you a great inside news. Sagoon’s business is expanding and so is our team. Everyday determined, proactive, outgoing and hardworking personalities are being added to the team. The energy here is explosive and we are feeling the need to expand our space to house all this live wire energy.

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We’re expanding and adding some exciting new office space right next to where we’re currently safe-housed. Our office design right now is an extension of our brand. It’s free-flowing, trendy and consists of open & dynamic workstations. We have our brightly colored Townhall, an illustrious study area and a calm meditation room.

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And as we are continuously growing, adding new features, developing a soon-to-be-released mobile app and hiring, our new office space is going to resonate our growth. It is going to inspire and engage our people, as well as be a happy place to collaborate, create, share and socialize.

Here’s to a great future.


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About Sagoon

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