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On 9th Jan 2018, at The Lalit, New Delhi, I was witness to Sagoon’s mobile app launch event with a potent motto – “creating a new social world from South Asia”. I saw how this revolutionary company is planning to become part of the financial growth of our region by creating job opportunities. I am not alone here, Bollywood star Shraddha Kapoor also felt the same. She said, “This is a thoughtful and revolutionary step in the social media app world”.


The moment everyone was eagerly waiting for had arrived. Months of hard work, strategic planning, developing & testing stages was paying off at the Sagoon camp. There were dozens of guests, fans, enthusiasts and members from media who’d come to get a chance to meet the all-new Sagoon mobile app. When I entered the suave venue, I saw all organizers and team members busy taking care of displays, registration, screens, lights, rehearsals and everything in between. I mean one look at the arrangements and décor, and it was easy to figure out that something extraordinary was going to happen there later in the evening. And rightly so, as the evening grew upon us, it started to unveil the enormity of the glorious event filled with glitz and glamour in full Bollywood style!


By 7 pm when almost all guests were excitedly seated, while some still pouring in, someone from the stage announced that it was showtime! All eyes on stage and it came to life with a dance performance by Kalyanam Dance Group upon the voice over given by the super-talented and well-known TV and film personality Mandira Bedi, who was the star host of the evening. With her amazing voice in the background, the dance performance made us understand how “socially-alone” we have become.

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After the hard-hitting face-off with the Real Problem, Mandira called on stage Sagoon co-founder Swati Dayal who came with THE answer – Sagoon’s mobile app! She also elaborated a little on the features of the app and the inspiration behind building it.

Next, it was Sagoon founder Govinda Giri’s turn who in a humble manner laid out the essence of his journey from the day he envisioned Sagoon, to the day of the launch of the much-awaited mobile app. He thanked and encouraged all his team members for making the app a reality and taking his dream forward. He said “Sagoon can reverse the negatives of social media. It is a gateway to connect the world. Together, let’s create a new meaning of social sharing.”

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He further added how the app launch event included an even stronger message in its theme. It marked the strong cultural bond and technological success of three nations – India, Nepal and USA. This was represented in the theme logo whose colours have been taken from the flags of the three nations.


Then suddenly the temperature inside the room started to rise. I soon realized that the heat-control was working just fine, but it was time to meet the star guest of the evening.  Mandira from the dais introduced her and amidst great enthusiasm and positive cheering our special guest, none other than Bollywood heartthrob Shraddha Kapoor entered through guarded doors! And the crowd couldn’t hold on to their seats. Photographers, members from media, and all guests rushed to catch a glimpse of the beauty. And it was in her presence we unveiled the interface of our new app that is now going to take the world by storm. Shraddha then shared how fantastic and unique she found the whole concept of making everyday life simple and organized using Sagoon’s mobile app with a human touch.
She then made her way to meet winners from the Selfie with Shraddha contest and other members from the media who went on a frenzy to meet the lovely star. Joining Shraddha and Mandira were many famous social media celebrities like YouTubers and influencers at the event who added more star-value to the evening.

Sagoon’s newly launched android app has already started creating waves with more than 60000 downloads in a single week! It’s been talked about on media and other social channels and is garnering some rave reviews from the app-user world.
























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About Sagoon

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