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Deepawali is the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. Deepawali or “a row of lights” is celebrated by Hindus with great enthusiasm and those four days of the festival, wherever we go, the dazzling displays of lights, celebratory events, prayers, family feasts & gift sharing traditions illuminates the whole world.

Various festivals throughout the year offers our team, unique ways of celebrating our rich culture to the fullest. Similarly, Deepawali brought in the spirit of togetherness, team bonding and lots of fun time at our office. I know it must have been a daunting task for our Human Resource personnel to handle the task of planning for the occasion along with her day to day responsibilities. But, what a marvelous job done!

As I entered the office, I saw the whole office was lit up with sparkling lights, a grand rangoli and flower garlands. It instantly gave me a feeling of my home that’s decorated exactly the way Sagoon’s office was. Our work stations were empty and laden with marigold flowers and matching the ethnic décor of the office were my co-workers. Everyone dazzled in their ethnic attires looking every bit ready for the party.

The celebration started with the touch of tradition of satisfying the taste buds first. The eclectic array of yummy snacks and starters with party music in the background soared up the excitement of the rest of the day. Celebration simply bring out the best in us, whether it’s Deepawali or a birthday. Kapil, my co-worker’s birthday also fell on the same day and we saw some hip-breaking dance moves from the birthday boy adding more energy to the festive mood.


Then when everybody started to wonder what’s next, our organizer announced a fun group activity. Each one of us was divided in groups and were given a list of tasks to perform in half an hour’s time. Four teams came back after completing a set of fun activities and in the end the team that had most number of ticks against each task, won! And guess whose team won? Mine!!! My team was rewarded with free movie coupons and the 1st runners up team were given free shopping vouchers.

Next, it was time for the Deepawali party hit – a round of Tambola. Who wouldn’t care for a little prosperity in the form of cash on Deepawali right ? Everyone was up to try their lucks with the number game and let’s just say for some their lucks did shine quite bright and well, for others it was the spirit of participation and a team-bonding session that mattered most.

The afternoon then brought in the the special moment where our Creative Head, Omer Bhat won the award for the Prince of the Month – our monthly program for team motivation. Then Kritika, our business analyst also won the award for the best dress for her fine ethnic attire.

The tempo of our exhilaration did not wither for even a second the whole time, and when in the end we got our gifts wrapped in a big red ribbon, it was the perfect cherry on our Deepawali cakes. I feel Deepawali should come more than once in a year to celebrate more and foster some more great team building spirit.

Before I leave you, I have a word to pass from our founders to all our active users, investors, followers and you all our supporters: Thank You! It’s your belief that inspires us to grow and do better. We hope you have a wonderful Deepawali.

How are you celebrating Deepawali at your homes and offices? We would love to hear your story in the comment section below.

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