Sagoon is bringing a New Social World from South Asia

If we take “social media” at its basic level, it is media that allows people to connect with each other. In 2014, when Sagoon started with an aim to create a rewarding life where everybody earns while they connect and socialize, it sounded unrealistic and hard-to-believe. But, that’s what made our unstoppable efforts advance to place one foundation after another to achieve our aim. And now with Sagoon’s first-ever mobile app, we are ready to tap into a new social world where connections are more real and life more organized. Are you ready to step into the future?

Sagoon’s success till now attributes to the diverse knowledge base for new, insightful approaches and determination to do something different, brought to the table by its panel of founders. It began with one man, Govinda Giri and his entrepreneurial journey from his humblest upbringing in the remote hills of Nepal as a grass-cutter to his self-made path that landed him at Pentagon, in the United States of America. But Govinda did not stop there and took the biggest leap of faith when he gave up on his dream job and geared himself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Govinda sure did not make it alone, he was accompanied by two other able partners who helped him take his dream to the next level. Swati Dayal, a young UI/UX mobile and web designer from Lucknow, India working in Delhi joined Sagoon in 2014 as a part-time employee and today is a co-founder and Operations Head. Kabindra Sitoula, a fellow Nepali working in the USA believed in Govinda’s vision and agreed to join hands in building Sagoon – a social media platform. Now what’s truly remarkable is how one noble venture Sagoon, brings together the talent, expertise and cultural force of three diverse nations under one gable (Nepal, India and USA).

Now, Sagoon is ready to launch its first-ever mobile app for android users. This will be an opportunity to create a new social world from South Asia that stems from the connection established amidst 3 countries with rapid-moving technology as the backbone. This solidarity reflects in the visual identity or logo that will lead the occasion of this grand launch. Although made in India, it would be legit to call Sagoon’s upcoming mobile app a product of: the relentless entrepreneurial spirit from Nepal, the technology-related exposure, and experience from USA and the brainy professionals with requisite development tools & resources from India.

This sentiment has carried itself forward into the visual identity or logo of Sagoon’s mobile app launch. The colors used in the logo are symbolical representations of this unmatched and unique connection. How?

The crimson in the logo is a symbol of vitality and transparent energy and is the national color of Nepal. This same vitality and transparent energy reside at the core of Sagoon’s existence. This has fueled us as well as our millions of users worldwide to bring a difference to the world together.

The color saffron in the logo represents the saffron in the Indian flag that stands for courage and sacrifice. At Sagoon, it runs parallel with the courage we hold to make the world a better place to live in. To upgrade social media from a platform that creates a disconnected world to a place where relations between family, friends and loved ones can be strengthened and nourished.

And talking about sacrifice, as it’s known, real success doesn’t come without sacrifices. It lies at the heart of our leadership and in the mechanism of Sagoon team that doesn’t step back from working day and night to give the world best of what we can offer.

And, the color red in Sagoon’s mobile app launch logo mirrors the red in the flag of United States of America that stands for valor and bravery. Just how the USA is a nation known for changing the order of the day of human life and ushering in some of the most modern innovation known to mankind with valor and passion. Similarly, Sagoon’s valor and passion have driven to create a new social world from South Asia that will help us build a connected world where everybody leads a rewarding and fulfilled life.

We have covered a measurable distance in our mission to create a new social world and now with our first-ever mobile app for Android users, we are one step closer to reach it. For this time we’ve rounded up the best of technology in a mobile app for simplified and organized living with ample time to connect with people we love.



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About Sagoon

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