Sagoon releases a closing date for the second funding round

The festive season is upon us all. It’s that time of the year where greetings are exchanged, families feted and friendships are renewed. It’s also the time to get flooded with special discounts, offers and indulging in big ticket shopping like gold, homes and vehicles.

Sagoon brings one more reason to make this festive season count by giving you a warm opportunity to invest and make your bond with us even stronger. We opened the doors of our second funding round a few weeks ago and are here today to announce that it will soon be closed by the end of this festive season on 30th Nov 2017. This means YOU – our fans, supporters and believers have till 30th Nov 2017 join the Sagoon family as an investor.

We are pleased and thankful to everyone who took up the opportunity to participate in Sagoon’s initial and ongoing public investment offering rounds. From a single vote of confidence, today the numbers show that more than 2000 people from all over the world have invested in Sagoon with more joining every day. This proves that every chance we offer our fans, supporters and users to join Sagoon family always turns out to be a successful milestone.

To give you a bit of a background, from our raised funds we have utilized $1 million to develop the long awaited Sagoon mobile app for all our users. We simultaneously leapt into our mission of acquiring some of the best talents in the business and have gone on to build a strong team from 12 to 42 full-time employees. This ‘building’ phase is not just limited to people, but has extended to our office space as well. We have signed a lease to expand our India office from current 7000 square feet to 27000 square feet in the coming weeks. All this in addition to preparing a force of strong backend technology infrastructure that supports millions of users’ traffic, sales and other services.

We shall continue to have a social mission at the heart of our business. To address the pain areas of social media and its usage by monetizing our time spent on social media. And when it comes to cutting through the clutter of social media and coming on top we need some top partners to achieve our mission. And our partnership with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) to research and develop a battery recharge technology, artificial intelligence, and semantic & natural language processing is the highpoint of our explosive growth so far.

There’s a ginormous pie that’s been cooking up at Sagoon and we want to share a big slice with each one of you who’s interested to invest in global phenomenon. We are currently offering Class C common stock shares with minimum $23 per share, and the minimum investment required is $1000. We are accepting investment through Credit/Debit card, ACH, wire transfer and check payment. Right now, we have received maximum investment participation from US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, India and Middle East whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts. But the next couple of months will see several projects being integrated into our platform like the Social Smart Card or social media’s next “game-changer” and the battery recharge technology.

Sustainable growth isn’t just a wish or a slogan, for that we require your support in the form of investment so that we can work our socks off and take you where the Big Future resides. You can go to our website: to invest or read and download our “Offering Circular” to know more on how to Invest. The offer is only till 30th Nov 2017. Hurry before you miss it!

This festive season, how about celebrating Sagoon’s achievements and investing in it?

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About Sagoon

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