Sagoon Secrets: It left me so embarrased

There are some incidents that leave us embarrassed, and at the same time, it becomes a laughing stock for others. One such incident was narrated by Rohan. Read one of his Sagoon Secrets:

Once I was walking on a road. I saw one girl waving at me. I went to her and upon going closer came to know that she was actually waving at her boyfriend who was behind me. I was so embarrassed at that time. #Weird

Are you laughing too? Well, it’s ok. I too laughed to my heart’s content.

What happened was no one’s mistake actually? It happens with all of us. What you can do to avoid such incidents is do look around when a stranger waves at you to ensure that it is YOU that stranger is waving to.

Do you have any secret to share? Do it now!


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