Sagoon ushers the season of growth with an invitation-only networking event

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There’s never a dull moment at Sagoon. This organization is blazing its way towards changing and dramatically improving how people connect and interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. And in order to do that we feel the most important thing is to meet and know new people.

To keep the momentum going, Sagoon organized an invitation-only networking event to meet some of the most connected and successful personages from different walks of life like politics and both sides of business – start-up and established on 23.09.2017. To name a few, as chief guest we had former General Secretary of BJP, Engineer Shri Sanjay Vinayak Joshi & Chairman of Friends of Nepal and a local BJP leader, Rana Shiva Shankar. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments with them and also to promote new technologies for building a new line of connectivity measuring up to the likes of Google and Facebook.

The stage was set for the enlightening afternoon. And it was with great vigour and passion our founders, partners and the entire team welcomed our distinguished guests on the rainy afternoon. Through this article we would like to thank all of them honoring us with their presence.

It started as soon as our guests arrived at the venue, which was within our office premises. They were welcomed by our co-founder Swati Dayal and other members of the team with small token of acknowledgement. Quickly, a series of one-on-one conversation began and continued for a while until it was time to fulfil the purpose of the gathering.

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Our beloved founder Mr Govinda Giri very warmly greeted all the visitants seated inside Townhall and thanked them for taking out time for us. He then humbly began, a trait that is very true to this nature, by telling them his story. The story of his background, of his early days in a remote village in Nepal and then his time in Kathmandu. The story of how from Kathmandu he made his way to USA where he went for higher education and with a desire to shape the future of mankind. Then about his time in Pentagon, United States Department of Defence where he worked for 11+ years as a systems engineer. It was during his time there that he decided to give up his dream job and start Sagoon, then a search engine that would challenge the likes of search engine giant Google. But, a person’s time to shine is destined and that wasn’t his.


He had to close down his search engine due to financial paucity. And months of intense research and undeterred determination he decided to shift his focus to India – the land of talent, potential and great many growth opportunities. Govinda Giri wanted to challenge the elusive concept of Human Capital flight. He wanted to retain the skilled workforce of the country and start a revolution that can stand up to the giants in social networking sphere. That’s the story of the birth of the standalone social network Sagoon. This story our guests took in with great savor and amazement.

Then Sagoon founder, Mr.Govinda Giri continued to give a brief preview of the roadmap to success that will be powered with innovative technologies. An insight into Sagoon’s next big steps and a proposal to be a part of this enduring journey. By the end of the hour-long presentation, our guests were discussing and exploring possibilities to become a part of Sagoon. And that for us was the mark of a successful day.

In the end, all our guests joined us for a round of snacks which gave us more time to interact with them. Here all of them gave their best wishes and extended their full support to a future that will connect the world on a single platform – Sagoon!



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