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Sagoon Celebrates The Spirit Of Holi: “Unity In Diversity”!!


It is that time of the year when your taste buds start tingling, there is this weird aroma of colors that captivates you and already vibrant streets of India are even more lively. There is happiness and there is love, coz this is that time of the year when every Indian is desperately waiting to celebrate the joyous and lively “HOLI”.

Not only in India, transcending all the geographical barriers, this blissful festival of colors is now celebrated with pomp and show in many other countries. Countries like the UK, USA, South Africa and Malaysia, witness a lovely Holi celebration every year.

We at Sagoon love to celebrate Holi for several reasons; the most important reason is that people from different cultures come on this platform to celebrate this festival together. Holi messages start floating all over Sagoon, people love to share their secrets related to this festival, and lovely Holi wishes are always there. Sagoon looks like a canvas painted with the most beautiful colors during Holi! People share their crazy and colorful pictures, and the world gets to know how this beautiful festival is celebrated!

I love that Holi celebrates the spirit of India i.e., “unity in diversity”! And what makes it even better for me is the fact that I have got this chance to work with Sagoon, a place where I can actually feel and celebrate this UNITY!  Sagoon is a perfect amalgam of people coming from different parts of the country. Everyone, who is a part of the Sagoon family brings a uniqueness in true sense!

Here at Sagoon, you will find people from North, who always bring forth the color of “Joy”. Thanks to them, now we are able to spread so many smiles all around. Everyone coming from Southern part of the nation brings with them the color of “Hospitality”, they are the driving force behind Sagoon’s warmth! Sagoon’s inner beauty comes from the East, as the color of “Beauty” is always added by anyone coming from the Eastern part of the country. Talk about the force coming from West that brings the color of “Culture and Values”, and you will know why Sagoon is so rooted!!

Colour and variety are synonymous with Sagoon’s culture, beliefs, and way of life. Aside from these unconventional colors, Sagoon has a color palette of its own that perfectly symbolizes India’s Unity in Diversity.  Holi celebration brings people together by making them forget bitter relationships and have a fresh start. Sagoon brings them together to share their emotions, spread love and bring positivity around.

On this auspicious day, people forget all the barriers and gender distinctions are also suspended. Everyone gets drenched with the showers of love and humanity!! Regardless of their belief, people participate in the joy of Holi, likewise, Sagoon is all about breaking the social barriers and revitalizing relationships with your loved ones.

Like, during the festival of colors, people from different backgrounds bring together the colors of compassion, passion, loyalty, and innovation, Sagoon also intends to let people celebrate colors of kindness, love, humanity, and diversity.

Sagoon, a revolution from South Asia, has surpassed all the odds and continue to hold the globe together in a spellbinding tryst of hues. The colors of Holi and Sagoon are diverse, but they are united by one feeling, feeling of “LOVE”! No matter how we choose to celebrate this festival of colors or our lives, as long as we all have love in our hearts, the spirit remains intact. And, on that note, here’s wishing a Happy Holi to all of you from the entire Sagoon family. Play well, stay safe and keep spreading smiles!

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