The Next Social Media Revolution

Social media was mainly born due to the need of ‘remaining in touch with friends’. But factors like ‘meeting new people online’ and ‘exchanging information’ were also the driving force behind this concept.

Let’s go back to late nineties when the world saw its first recognizable social networking site, and try to find out what has changed over the years and how far we are from the next social media revolution.

The Arrival and Departure of Social Networks

Six Degrees came in 1997 and gave the world its first taste of social networking. It allowed users to create a profile and befriend other users. Though it lasted just for four years, it was successful in leaving its impact. It was followed by Linkedin in 2002 and Myspace in 2003. While MySpace was quick to rise in terms of popularity and number of users, Linkedin experienced humble beginning, maybe because it was the professional networking site where of course teenagers had no business. In it heydays, Myspace even tried to purchase Facebook but the company rejected Mark Zuckerberg’s $75 million asking price.

While all this was going on, there was another platform who was fast becoming the first choice of teenagers and young adults. Orkut. Founded in 2004, Orkut remained one of the most visited websites between 2006 and 2008 in Brazil and India. It had users all over the world who loved its unique features, appealing interface and what not.

But again, something unprecedented happened. Users started to get bored of sending and receiving scraps, testimonials and messages. Though, the website tried to redesign user interface a couple of times in its bid to rise to the top again. But all these efforts went in vain and Orkut was officially shut down in 2014.

The Entry and Rise of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Why sites like Six Degrees, Myspace and Orkut lost their sheen? They either could not understand the change in users’ desires or they got too late in realizing the same. Whatever was the case, users had moved on and found a new companion in the form of Facebook.

Ever since its inception, this social media giant has been evolving itself as per the shift in the expectations and desires of its users. Whether it is launching tag (@) feature, introducing community pages or rolling out video chat update, Facebook has always respected its users’ expectations preferences in the mind and has never gotten late in giving those expectations the shape of features. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram to widen its network as a global social media giant.

Alongside Facebook, a unique social commerce site based on a fresh approach of sharing 140-character messages was gaining ground. The name is Twitter, which also gave the concept of ‘trending topics’ to the world. Though a little late, its uniqueness brought it a huge success.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with few other social media sites like Linkedin and Pinterest influence the average online time of an internet user. A survey that was conducted last year revealed that a good percentage of internet users spend majority of their online time on social media. And I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t? From what’s happening in friends’ lives to who won the Oscar to what Obama said on Trump, they have access to everything from social sites.

What do internet users do apart from socializing online?

Any guesses? Well, they throng ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Deals are attractive and shopping has always been fun. Moreover, there are easy returns, cashback and reward points. Like social media sites, ecommerce portals have a come long way to find their place in the daily routine of internet users.

What do internet users want now?

You know what! The excessive use of social media and ecommerce portals is giving birth to a new desire. The desire for a common ground to use social media and ecommerce sites. And I think, it makes sense. Would not it be great to have a single platform that combines all we love about today’s popular social media platforms with online shopping? This blend is the social media revolution I was talking about and the responsibility to bring it to masses is on Sagoon.

A one-of-its-kind social networking site, Sagoon offers a single platform to use popular social media features like photo sharing, exchanging information and chatting while extending an opportunity to shop online. What’s more? The more time you spend using the applications of Sagoon, the higher the reward you will get.

Though the rewarding feature is a little far, Sagoon is already making waves for its ‘scheduling’ and ‘secret sharing’ features. Let me tell you, this is just the beginning. For now, all I can promise is ‘Revolution is Coming’.


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About Sagoon

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