The wars we fight on social media

It was the day ‘Logan’ had released. My friend, Ravi and I were keen to watch this farewell to Hugh Jackman, who had been playing Wolverine, the lead character in ‘Logan’, for more than 17 years.

As usual, Ravi was running a little late. While I was waiting for him, my thought drifted towards ‘What should be the topic for my next article?’ I was still in the thinking mode when I noticed Ravi coming.

“You are always late”, I complained
“Sorry mate, I got into a Twitter war with some guy.”
“Twitter war”, I questioned
“The guy was abusing North Indians and I replied in his own language. We then exchanged few verbal blows and the guy ran off. Must be a good lesson for him.”

The story Ravi told me gave me the topic I was looking to develop a new writing piece upon – ‘The wars we fight on social media’.

You may also have witnessed several social media fights! There are many keyboard warriors who are self-proclaimed experts in politics, sports, science and many other fields. And if they see something that doesn’t match with their ideas and beliefs, they don’t hesitate to insult and pick up an online fight.

One might think that what I’m calling a fight is actually a discussion. But no, discussions don’t have any place for abuses, vilifying the religion and not respecting others’ views. What I have observed is that people hardly discuss anything on social media now, they announce verdicts like experts; this causes friction between people having different opinions on the same issue. For example, look at this post:

the wars we fight on social media

Someone just abused the US President Donald Trump. His demeanor and conduct could be wrong but he is chairing one of the most respected positions in the world. Any of his supporters could take offense. I don’t know whether such disrespect and abuse should be a part of social media or not. But one thing that I am sure is that it is changing the social media culture and usage.

Earlier, people used to come to social media to connect virtually with their friends and have some fun time. Now, in addition to that, they come to social media to hurl abuses to personalities and a number of things they don’t like. And they are even ready to pick up the online fights if someone’s view differs from them.

Social media was once light and chirpy. Now, it is slowly turning into a dark conglomerate of hate, profanities and polarization. Maybe, this is the real face of the society, which the social media fights are unmasking. If not, why people are doing this? Do you have an answer?

P.S. Logan was wonderful!

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