Top 5 reasons why we need Internet in our lives

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As I’m sitting to write this post, I realize that I’m using the greatest gift of modern science: The Internet. And for that, there’s one person I need to be thankful to Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave birth to global internet or “World Wide Web”, 27 years ago, and studies reveal that today more than half of the world’s population uses the internet.

Now, that’s quite a startling revelation, isn’t it? Personally speaking, I need the internet to get me through my day. To write this post, to download songs, to watch videos, to pay my bills online and to check updates on social media, I mean literally EVERYTHING!

This realization got my brain cells ticking and I started to wonder what are billions of people like me are doing on the internet each day? There are many good reasons why we all need Internet, here are 5 that are at the top of my charts:

Build relationships

We often rush through our day-to-day communication, especially with our loved ones. We talk to our parents, our siblings, our close relatives regularly on phone, if they’re away. But how often do we really take out time to talk about how they’re really doing, or appreciate them for something they have done, achieved or bought? Online communication gives us a second chance. It allows us to ask questions we may have forgotten to ask with the help of emails or messages. We can drop to a friend’s social media page anytime to tell we were thinking about them. We can use the medium of online communication to be our best and warm selves.

Fulfill shopping needs

Do you remember the last time you bought something online? Maybe last week or yesterday or even last hour! E-commerce has made purchasing highly convenient. We can read reviews, check ratings, find best deals and pay online without even having to step out of our homes.

Work anytime, anywhere

Internet has liberated our lives. We can work while eating, sleeping, drinking or traveling. The Internet has helped build a hyper-connected world. We can talk to people and work with people at all times of day and night regardless of where we are.

Stay up-to-date on everything

What’s the best way to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the world? The speed at which things move today has never been more rapid. It’s tough to keep a track of everything if you’re running a business, raising a family, watching your favorite TV show or doing all three. It’s the age of the internet. If not for the internet, then we’ll not know what our friends are doing or where my cousin went on her vacation!

Stay away from bank lines

I must admit, this one is my favorite feature so far. Millions like me pay a majority of our bills online, send money and receive money simply at the click of a button. Gone are the days of standing in long queues at the bank or waiting for weeks for one check to be cleared. Banking through the internet has become a common and popular phenomenon.

It’s hard to imagine the world that we live in today to be fully functional without the internet. It has shaped the world in more ways than I can sum up in one post.

However, here’s a little food for thought before I go: The right use of internet technology expands our minds, increase your opportunities and always feed your soul. Make the right choice.

How has internet made your lives easier lately? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comment section below.

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