Top 5 ways we kill our time every day

“Time is Money” – Benjamin Franklin

Do you often wonder, how time flies? Even if we don’t intend to kill time, we end up doing it every day, without even realizing. There are so many activities that we engage ourselves in, which eats our time. These activities can be distractions, something as harmless as talking over phone, gorging on that pie while watching that mushy movie, which could be making your day less productive.

For instance, I sit down with my cuppa tea reading newspapers in the morning (like a ritual), but the next thing I know is, I wasted an hour doing nothing!

Oh well! This happens with the best of us.

Has it occurred to you, certain mundane tasks eat up your time? If not, let me break it down for you. Let’s take a quick look on how an average man wastes his time on a few activities in his lifetime.

1. Gossiping:

Time for some rant?
Time for some rant?

Socializing is good, you need to speak with your people telling them how your day was and in general too . You want to share details or itsy-bitsy gossip with them, over a phone call or just by chatting with them. But it should be noted, gossiping or talking over phone can act as a double-edged sword. It is necessary to vent out emotions but if you go a bit far, you end up wasting time and that is what we do unintentionally.

Do you know, we waste 4 years talking on phone at work. (Source: Researchers at London Metropolitan University)

2. Internet and social networking sites:

I can live in the virtual world forever!

Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. From the moment we wake up till the time we doze off, we are constantly on the Internet checking our emails, social media profiles or even just digging out random/useless info. The Internet is sucking our time and we are okay with the fact. To be honest, we need to find a right balance between using and over-using Internet.
Did you know, you spend 70 percent of our waking life in front of digital media? (Source:

3. Watching TV:

Glued to that idiot box!
Glued to that idiot box!

Let’s admit it, we get an urge to switch on the TV and surf the channels when we don’t know what we should be doing at that time. Or rather, we sit with our dinner, thinking we’ll just watch that one episode of our favourite series for half an hour but we end up watching 2-3 TV serials instead.
P.S. We spend 11 years of our lives, in front of the idiot box. (Source: MSN)

4. Commuting:

Wish we had flying cars

Okay! So now you’ll say commuting to work to and fro is not chosen by you. The workplace has chosen you and not vice-versa, right? Long commutes mean less time at your disposal for important activities.

According to, Distractify, you spend 3 months of your life in traffic, about 38 hours a year.

 5. Procrastinating and Overthinking:

I will decide tomorrow…

Does this come as a shocker?! We waste a lot of time on the ‘should haves, could haves’ in our lives and end up wasting our present time. The tasks get postponed in this futile process. Or we tend to postpone ‘that work.’ The random thoughts in our head, eats our time too. We dwell on the past or at times, worry about the future. End result? Wastage of time.

And now, the obvious question is asking about the solution, right?

So my dearies, you need to eliminate the extra time you spend intentionally or unintentionally on extra activities. Incorporate task reminders, time reminders in your daily life, make everyday schedules. Set key tasks for your day, it may look boring or tedious but it works wonders once it becomes your habit.

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