What’s Common In Different Social Platforms?

It was Facebook that came to my rescue when I realized that I had watched all the movies stored in my laptop and listened to my favorite songs so many times that they were not my favorites anymore.

I scrolled down and read what Trump had said in its latest rally. Then, I came to know that Kanye West and Taylor Swift are flinging dirty accusations on each other. I kept on scrolling down and look what I found:

FB Post
FB Post

I laughed my lungs out, this post made my day. Well, I had had my fill of Facebook for the day and thought of checking Instagram. But guess what? I was seeing the same posts from celebrities and business pages that I had already seen on Facebook. I also came across the meme mentioned above, but this time it failed to elicit any laugh. “Okay, let’s go to Twitter”, I mumbled. But this micro-blogging platform also rolled out same posts from celebrities and businesses I like to follow.

Did you now get what’s common in different social platforms? It’s the ‘same content’. And maybe this is the reason why most of the users now like to stick to just one platform. For some, it could be Facebook; for some, it could be Instagram; for some, it could be Twitter. This change in people’s preference has reduced the percentage increase in the rate of active users on major platforms.

So, what’s there in future?

The future success of major social platforms depends upon how they tap the potential of upcoming generation and how the new players like Sagoon fare in the international arena. Facebook has evolved itself a lot and that is the reason it’s on the top. But in the end it’s just a concept. If a new concept comes that suits the preferences of the current generation, then it will be a different game altogether.

I personally believe that new platforms have the best chance now. Why? Because people have started to realize that no matter how much pleasure these platforms give, they end up wasting a lot of time. So, a fresh concept built around saving time and providing the same pleasure would be very much welcomed. Just wait and watch, I am sure that such or a similar concept is being churned out by a genius somewhere.

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